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Jealousy Looks Good on You


About "Jealousy Looks Good on You"

Noticing that society often portrays the emotion of jealousy as strictly negative  - something that we all should learn to overcome - Lo Marie wanted to flip the script. Believing that all human emotions have a time and place, Lo Marie helps us to embrace ourselves in a fun and light-hearted way.  


Musically, the song is playful not only in its harmonic structure, but also in its meter. Switching frequently from 4/4 to 7/4, the song keeps the big beat steady for anyone who wants to groove along, but every so often, you'll find that the "script is flipped" as she translates the lyrical concept in a musical fashion.

2020 Artist of the Year
Madison Area Music Association Awards


Lo Marie, vocals and rhythm guitar

Chris Huntington, guitar

Conrad St. Clair, bass

Jay Frigoletto, keys

Lou Caldarola, drum kit 

Vince Szynborski, sax

Music and lyrics by Lo Marie

Produced by Lo Marie and Conrad St. Clair

Recorded by many people in many places including Conrad St. Clair at Redrüm and Randy Poole at The Poole Room

Mixed and edited by Conrad St. Clair at Redrüm

Mastered by Jay Frigoletto at Mastersuite

Photo by Anais Shiba


"[It] is Lo Marie's vocals that stand out as the focal point, whether delivering soulful lines or jazzy scat singing and even when underlining her point with an unexpected curse, her crystalline and controlled voice is gorgeous to behold."

     -Dancing About Architecture

"Her lyrics are raw and relatable, and it's easy to hear her passion and drive within her songs. [The Gap] is well done and I can't wait for more from Lo Marie.

     -Subba Cultcha

"If there was ever any doubt that the Madison music scene oozes not only with talent but also with class, one need look no further than Lo Marie. Her tasteful blend of jazz and soul comes alive on Le Reve, a seven-song album that is nothing short of world-class."

     -Local Sounds Magazine

About Lo Marie

“The common thread here is setting the bar—for yourself, for your relationships, and for society,” reveals multi-award-winning artist, Lo Marie. 


The Madison, Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter speaks up mindfully and majestically while easing in and out of genres with grace and authenticity on her upcoming 10-song singles series. These tracks will be bundled together as the album, The Bar, and together they explore empowering and enlightening narratives while stretching Lo Marie’s jazz sensibility to accommodate forays into funk, bluesy-pop, and theatrical rock. “I let the music speak for itself no matter what, and that meant removing genre barriers,” she explains.


Lo Marie previously released the debut EP, Beyond the Age of Reason (2012), produced by ace Nashville session man Jerry Kimbrough. This well-received effort earned Lo Marie an international following out of the gate, enabling her to tour the US, from New York to Los Angeles. Her follow-up, Solid Ground (2015), also produced by Kimbrough, won “Jazz Album of the Year” at the 2015 MAMA Awards (Madison Area Music Association Awards). In 2018, Lo Marie won MAMA awards for “Best Female Vocalist,” and “Best Jazz Performer.” In 2020, Lo Marie swept the MAMAs, netting 5 awards, including “Artist of the Year.”


Lo Marie’s latest album is both emotionally direct and musically eclectic. The Bar opens with the intimate cocktail jazz of the title track. Here, Lo Marie sings of betrayal with almost sinister sensuality, teasing out her powerful mix of emotions—anger, sorrow, and frustration—while vocalizing with controlled soulfulness. Her smoldering phrasing matches the sting of her lyrics. One choice passage reads: If the world was caving in/I hope you’d act and not be shy/Now I’m all alone and thinkin’/“Did I set the bar too high?”


On “The Gap” Lo Marie masterfully juxtaposes political commentary on the devaluing of women in professional settings with frisky funk-rock. She’s booty-shaking and thought-provoking with lines such as: Got me feelin’ might shady/just let me be a lady/Work hard to make an honest dollar get .80 on the hour. “I hold no bars in this song, but you can effect change with a smile on your face,” Lo Marie shares.


Lo Marie self-produced her previous album, but opted to co-produce The Bar with her bassist and musical confidant, Conrad St. Clair. Since her last album, Lo Marie has learned to use the recording process as an additional creative tool, and she’s made detailed sonic choices to honor and enhance the music of The Bar. The album also features contributions from distinguished musicians such as guitarist Teddy Kumpel (Joe Jackson) and bassist Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, Dethklok).


At first, Lo Marie aspired to become an opera singer, but soon found she craved more open artistic expression. Lo Marie discovered a satisfying creative outlet in jazz, eventually studying with well-known guitarist Jerry Kimbrough while formally studying music at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Music in Voice and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.


Today, Lo Marie is an established artist breaking through boundaries personally and professionally. “This album has allowed me to look at myself and others around me, and make shifts in my life to reflect my values,” she details. “I hope The Bar opens dialogues with others, and offers forth empowerment, individually and culturally.”


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