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Set of 4 handmade resin and tile coasters


The artwork was commissioned by local Madison artist Megan Bloesch and each correlates to a single from the album "Le Reve."


With the artwork Megan created, I then create coasters!  They are beautifully shiny and glassy.  They will be an artistic statement piece for your home.


4"x4" with a cork backing for great table protection

You can get a variety pack (4 different designs) or all 4 of the same design


Wolf design: "All the Love"

All the Love is a song about showing people in your life how much you care about them.  Wolves are incredibly protective pack animals, so it seemed appropriate that the song be represented by these fiercely loyal creatures.


Moon design: "Le Reve"

Le Reve is a song about freedom of creativity and expression.  Daydreaming and creative thinking are beautiful parts of life that often lead to new ideas, self-awareness, and, of course, new art.  Why not allow yourself to dream about dancing on a green moon?


Shattered glass design: "Someday We'll All Be Free"

Someday We'll All Be Free is my rendition of the famous song by Donny Hathaway and Edward Howard.  It is one of my favorite songs ever written and touches each person who hears it in a slightly different way.  Originally, Edward wrote the lyrics for his friend Donny who was struggling with mental health issues.  This is represented by a shattered glass image of a face - as if you were looking into a mirror and unable to see clearly.


Water design: "Sea Monster"

Sea Monster is a song about embracing all of the aspects of our personalities, even the parts that we've been encouraged to adjust, shun, or ignore.  We are all part human and part monster.  What a beautiful world it would be if we could accept not only each other, but most especially, ourselves.  This is represented by a woman whose body has become entwined with the coral the coral under the sea - part human and part sea monster.

Handmade Resin Tile Coasters

  • Returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of purchase. To be eligible for a return, your item(s) must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

    You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning/exchanging your item.

    Please allow 2 business days for processing and 3-5 business days for exchanges to be sent back to you.

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