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- Clear acrylic magnetic framed artwork

- 5"x5"

- Double-sided

- Self-standing

- Original art image to accompany original music for the song "Imperfect Goddess"

- Lyric snippet from "Imperfect Goddess" on back side

- Lo Marie signature in gold on back side


Lo Marie collaborated with Madison artist Megan Bloesch to create original art pieces to accompany each of her seven songs on the album "Le Reve."


About the song and art:

"Imperfect Goddess" is a song about seeing imperfection as part of the human experience. As I reflect on this song, and look at the art, it reminds me to keep attempting to be the best person I can be.  Sometimes, being the best version of myself requires letting myself off the hook enough to step back, reassess, and try again.  This is reflected in the art with a tiltled crown.

Imperfect Goddess Acrylic Framed Album Art

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