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Script Notes

An inside look into the writing of Lo Marie's first 3 albums

A PDF print quality e-book


What's inside:

- little gems of music theory/songwriting tidbits

- a few short stories behind the songs

- 7 printable wall art PDFs of lyric snippets

- details about the meaning behind album artwork

- links to listen as you go


Printable wall art is black and white 8.5x11" for easy at-home printing

"I flip on my shades, got cool in spades"

"I make my own damn rules"

"I'd love ya too fast, too strong, too much, too long to keep on, keep on solid ground"

"People change and people grow and do the things they never dreamed"

"I'd give you my Cracker Jack prize"

"I wanna dance on the moon"

"Imperfect Goddess"



Links to get frames for the printable art:

Reclaimed wood frame

6-pack of simple black frames

*Or you can support your local craft store*



Script Notes

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