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- Clear acrylic magnetic framed artwork

- 5"x5"

- Double-sided

- Self-standing

- Original art image to accompany original music for the song "Sea Monster"

- Lyric snippet from "Sea Monster" on back side

- Lo Marie signature in gold on back side


Lo Marie collaborated with Madison artist Megan Bloesch to create original art pieces to accompany each of her seven songs on the album "Le Reve."


About the song and art:

"Sea Monster" is a song about accepting all of who we are.  The imagery here is that the "bad" part of ourselves get shoved down to the bottom of a lake, fester, and turn in to a sea monster.  The monster then emerges from the lake in a scary fashion.  In a turn of events, the sea monster starts dancing with the "good" part of ourselves up on land.  The idea is to make light of having to hide parts of ourselves.  Self-acceptance is often challenging, but lets us live more freely.  I'd love to live with enough freedom to dance and sing through life, and I'd love to see that kind of freedom attainable for all.

Sea Monster Acrylic Framed Album Art

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