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- Clear acrylic magnetic framed artwork

- 5"x5"

- Double-sided

- Self-standing

- Original art image to accompany original music for the song "Tangerine Ginger"

- Lyric snippet from "Tangerine Ginger" on back side

- Lo Marie signature in gold on back side


Lo Marie collaborated with Madison artist Megan Bloesch to create original art pieces to accompany each of her seven songs on the album "Le Reve."


About the song and art:

"Tangerine Ginger" Tangerine Ginger is a song about shrouded perspectives. It's about not knowing whether you are the siren (the instigator) or the sailor (the innocent passerby), an angel lover or a shadow stealer (pictured in the artwork). This idea is represented sonically by never hitting the tonic chord. The song uses what John Alvey, my drummer, affectionately titled a "backwards beat," with the kick on 2 rather than 1, uses some African rhythms in the bass part, and even has a call and response between the drums and vocals.

Tangering Ginger Acrylic Framed Album Art

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